CZ P-01/SP-01 Custom Tune


Our custom tune starts with either a CZ Custom or Cajun Gun Works package to bring DA to approximately 6lbs and SA to 2-2.5lbs. Base package includes full internal polishing service as well. You can add-on options to your order. If you do not see the service provided, feel free to leave a request in the notes section of your order. 

  • 10x bushing - a zero play barrel bushing from CGW increases accuracy and promotes tighter lock-up
  • Custom iron sight replacement (fiber optic front/blacked out, serrated rear) 
  • Replacement grips, replacement safety detent spring, Stainless steel guiderod, heavy duty magazine brake, extended safety, SAO conversion, barrel crown, barrel brush finish - leave request in notes

Estimated turnaround time - 1 week

Specify CZ Custom or Cajun Gun works preference in notes 

Trigger pull weights will vary from unit to unit


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